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International aikido Seminar at French Riviera 4 -11 October 2020
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International aikido Seminar at French Riviera 4 -11 October 2020

Aikido Seminar on Cote d'Azur, October 4 - 11, 2020




Aikido classes on tatami and outdoors. In October 2020, classes are led by 

Paul Muller, shihan, 8 dan Aikido France, 7 dan Aikido Aikikai


Oleg Glushko, 6 dan  Aikikai, 6 dan Ideta -ryu, Russia.

We expect to have a serious training course. The main focus will be on punches, strikes, and knife attacks. Trainings will be adjusted to the level of the group. 

Experience shows that drilling and polishing only basic techniques and working out exclusively standard situations may not be sufficient for effective use of the acquired skills in a serious collision. It is especially true when it comes to a collision with a practitioner well trained in another martial discipline. Old master used to say that “…the value of a budo discipline is determined via comparison with another budo discipline …”. 
The task of the seminar is to make a step from traditional basic training to the possibility of its application. Still treating the basic forms with great respect we try to set a foot in terra incognita.
Technical base: Nishio-ryu, Ideta-ryu. 
Topic: irimi as the entrance to the shikaku (dead zone, blind angle), ate-mi (as an inherent part of any aikido technique), kuzuti (breaking the power of attack). Hyoshi (ate rhythm) when meeting and handling punches, kiks and knife attacks. As usually we practice with buki (jo, bokken, tanto) trying to represent almost each technique as unity of taigi, ken tai ken and jo tai ken faces.

Accommodation and classes at CREPS Educational Center (Centrale d'Education Populaire et de Sport) ( in Boulouris which is one hour away from Nice by train or bus. The educational and sports center CREPS occupies more than 80 hectares most of which are picturesque hills descending to the sea. There you can combine intensive aikido trainings with a wonderful family vacation in one of the best places on Cote d'Azur. Prices are very moderate for the region thanks to the support of the Department of Sports Development of France.


More information about the seminar



Accommodation options (meals included): 1. Double room VIP 2. Two / three-bed room

Cost of participation: Accommodation in var. 1 + participation in the seminar - 620 € Accommodation in var. 2 + participation in the seminar - 510 €




 daily 9:30 to 12:00, 17:00 to 19:00. 2 afternoons.- free

9:30 - 12:00 Iaido, buki, taijutsu

17:00 - 19:00 taijutsu


In addition to aikido classes, we are going to bring the "white water" Jackson Super Star rodeo kayak, this is an excellent tool to improve your hip work. You can also learn Eskimo rolls.

It takes only a few minutes to get from the accommodations to a cozy bay, where one can snorkel. Nearby one can find typical Côte d'Azur cities of Saint-Raphaël and Fréjus: harbors, beaches, coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants. The coastline is perhaps the best part of Côte d'Azur —  a combination of quiet and peaceful places with famous resorts and historic towns.

This is the Mediterranean. Even better: the French coast of the Mediterranean.
We invite you to come with children and partners!


You can leave your application for the seminar on the web-site: or by phone: +7 (917) 530-59-16

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 8 (917) 530-59-16 or by email: (Oleg Glushko)

or   (Paul Muller)

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More details (245 Кб)

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